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The Puli as Hungarikum

„Hungarikum” is a collective term indicating a value worthy of distinction and highlighting the high performance of a Hungarian artifact thanks to its typically Hungarian attribute, uniqueness, specialty and quality.

My name is Klára Imre, I am a hungarian puli lover and breeder. I live in the 18th district of Budapest, in the suburb of Pestimre. I bought my first puli dog at the age of 16, ever since then, this marvelous, clever and special dog has become a part of my life.
In 2014 I founded my own kennel with the founder bitch, Lelkes Szentmihályi Szabó , who presented me with wonderful and successful offspring, and contributed by his offspring to the success of the Borzos Puli Pestimrei kennel
Currently I own four black Pulis in my breeding, three bitches and a gorgeous stud. All of them are considered family members, handled with love and trust. Those puli puppies, which are born in my kennel are raised in a homely environment, which prepares them to be happy, balanced, and well socialized when being accepted to their new home. I am not aiming for a large breeding stock, for me breeding hungarian puli is a hobby, which allows me to embrace my passion for puli ,always gives me unforgettable memories of the first months spent with the puppies and I feel overjoyed when I receive news, photos and positive feedback from happy owners. My goal is to raise litters that carry the characteristics of the Hungarian puli both in looks and behavior.

Who do I recommend pulis for? Pulis are ideal for owners who like to spend time with their pets, who care for them appropriately and can ensure enough space for them to move freely in. As a puli owner be prepared for a dog that needs and loves being around you, is not afraid to ask to be cuddled, waits for you with a smile on its face and is inlove with hearing its own voice - so be prepared for some barking. In return, you will get a dog that is a good and brave watchdog, loves children and cats, is very funny, a true little clown who remains young in the heart forever, bringing back a ball or a plush bear anytime.A real soulmate!
Yes, that is the hungarian Puli!

Who do I not recommend a Puli for? Yes, that is a more sensitive question. You shouldn’t buy a puli if you are planning on putting a chain on it, or if you don’t have time to care for its fur, if you don’t like energetic dogs or are irritated by barking. It’s better to choose another kind!